At Lancaster Family Dentistry we accept Cash, all PPO insurances, Humana and Aetna HMO insurance and Medicaid insurance to better serve the community. In order to go green, we strive to be paperless. Please avoid printing paperwork and forms online.

We have great relationships with all PPO insurances companies and accept almost all the PPO insurances. With PPO insurance, you are also eligible to get 2 free cleanings, exams and x-rays per year. This means a very happy experience for our clients. PPO insurances have already discounted prices with us and they pay for most of our client’s work. With PPO insurance, patient will be responsible for 20 - 50% of the treatment cost only.

We have great relationship with Aetna and Humana HMO programs. Unlike with PPO insurance, HMO insurance does not pay for most of the procedures but guaranties fair market value for the treatment. Therefore, the patient will be responsible for major, if not entire, portion of the payment with the HMO insurance.

Medicaid insurance also works very well at our office. With Medicaid insurance, we can take care of all your needs at no cost to you. If major dental work is required, then we will have to obtain approval from the Medicaid insurance provider. Our office will take care of requesting the pre-determined and all the paperwork associated with the request.

We accept Care Credit and have in-house financing available for our Cash patients and patients with major treatments. Our office staff is trained to work with patients will variety of needs.


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Our team has expert professionals who are immensely experienced.

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Customer support is a range of customer services to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of a product.

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